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VidAngel: the fastest Regulation A+ raise: $10 mill raised in 5 days live funding.
SEC Qualified 12 company offerings this month, 11 have exceeded their funding minimum to date.
Knightscope's new offering is getting good early traction, new eREIT takes the early lead as the largest segment of Reg A+ capital raised. 10 companies are currently...
Reg A+ - 116 Filed, 34 qualified, 24 Testing The Waters, 10 Funding, reservations and investments building
TestTheWaters(TM) informal offerings have $104 Mill of Reservations at an average of $1,500 each, more below..
TestTheWaters(TM) informal offerings have $96 Mill of Reservations from 60k people. 
Reg A+ August: 152 Offerings Filed, 54 Qualified for $1.2 Bill intent to raise on Qualified Offerings Total intent to raise for Qualified offerings is $1.2 Bill, and for...
Regulation A+ .. 61 Companies Filed, 12 Qualified by the SEC, 6 underway.

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