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Rod Turner
Apr 20, 2017

A new strategy has appeared for small-cap companies to compete in the IPO race once again.

Your IPO is within your reach.
Regulation A+ is beginning to give entrepreneurs a new pathway for raising capital.
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Is there a legitimate way to raise more than $50 mill for one company using Regulation A+? 
How can I use Reg A+ to raise capital for my company that is not in the USA or Canada? Am I allowed to raise capital using Reg A+ for my company that is outside the USA?
To see the recording of the webinar, Click Here  Webinar with Rod Turner, Chairman and Founder of Manhattan Street Partners and Patrick Henry, CEO of QuestFusion  
How They Did It: The specifics on how the successful Reg A+ offerings worked out through February 2017. Rod is a regular Contributor at Forbes. He wrote this column for...
First Offering for Manhattan Street Capital Regulation A+ Marketplace is Live: Blue Marble Biomaterials, of Missoula, Mont.